FoodEat is the brainchild of two young college students who share a passion and love for good Italian food, they decide to spread the real Italian culinary history and the richness of its traditions around the world, through the refinement of products excellence.

The goal of FoodEat is to identify unique products and to create and deliver value to them through their knowledge and marketing analysis in the various international contexts. FoodEat identifies and carefully select all the small Italian artisan reality expressing "excellence" in its production, to bring out the quality and the uniqueness of the "Italy brand."

Essential for the FoodEat products and that they respond to precise quality requirements, such as:

The selection of craft products is the fruit of research in  the whole Italy where small companies adopt techniques and know-how of the Italian culinary tradition.

The exclusive use of Italian raw materials supports the production of foods with “from farm to table” philosophy.

The production chain must contain at least one handmade performed step. In the food market the FoodEat products have to distinguish itself from other similar products, thanks to its purity, freshness, production ethics and its manufacturing style.

The well-being of our consumers is the essential concept of FoodEat and that’s why we always take care of it. The first rule is to use only simple and healthy ingredients.

The attentive care of our products packaging is the mirror of the naturalness and the authenticity of the ingredients used.

FoodEat want to be for our customers the certainty of having chosen the best; be the image of excellence, the exaltation of taste, the beauty and richness of bonta`. FoodEat is your lifestyle choice, that element of quality that differentiates you and enhances your personalities bringing you into the world of excellence "Made in Italy". 

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